Monday, October 26, 2009

Blessed and Amazed

This past Sunday was so amazing. Again I was blessed to be a part of the worship team, and to add to the mix it happened to be baptism Sunday! Those, in my opinion are the best services! My church, (Cedar Valley Church) has a way of making baptism's so worshipful, and celebrative. It's hard to describe really but the way they baptize people makes you just want to praise and shout out to God in thanks and awe!

What we do is, we have the tank in the loft in front of everyone. We have everyone stand up in a line and they can say a few words. Afterwards they go in the back and get ready to get baptized while the church starts their worship time. The greatest thing, is while the church is worshiping and still getting over the fresh testimonies just mentioned, they are getting baptized as they sing to God! We have a traditional song that we sing for all baptism services and it never fails to make us weak at the knee's and praise God. The song is "This is How we Overcome" You might recognize it this way, here's part of the chorus:

"You have turned
My mourning into dancing!
You have turned
My sorrow into joy!"

Most people don't have this part in but there is a bridge that tags along that makes the baptism's so powerful:

"This is how we overcome, This is how we overcome!"

And they repeat that several times! I love it! As people are come back up from the water, the whole church explodes in cheers and clapping. You just can't help but smile and jump for joy!

For me this Sunday was even more special, because the last time we had a baptismal service, I was baptized. I know how important it is and the memories are fresh in my mind. It was such a privilege to be able to stand up there giving thanks to God with all my heart while amazing people where taking their stand of faith saying, "I believe!" behind me! I felt the presence of God so strong that morning it was unbelievable. I can assure you, all Glory was given to God that Sunday. He deserves all of our praise.

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