Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The meaning of this drawing is very significant to me. This is only a part of the actual drawing but I wanted you to see the details: the hole in His hand, the look on His face, the grasping of the girls hand. I love this drawing because it reminds me everyday that God is there. I love it because when I am in my deepest turmoil through out the day I can look at this drawing and see that God is there for me to comfort me, hug me, cry with me in my deepest need.

I got the inspiration one day to draw this during a worship time at Mercy Ministries that was normally not in our schedule. We had the room dark with a CD playing in the background with beautiful worship songs. I am one of those people where I can tend to loose focus after a bit but I had stayed in that room for a while. We had the option of leaving whenever we wanted. I was just trying my hardest to praise God and thank Him for everything he had done. I wanted to make sure that I would not waste this time we have been given to worship our Heavenly Father. This image popped in my head. It stayed there for a while. I knew immediately that I needed to draw it. So I spent the next time I had available and drew it. I am not sure if it has comforted anyone as much as it has comforted me but every time I look at this picture I just feel His love. I am one of those people who yearns for God to hug me physically. I know I won't be able to get that till I get to heaven and this has just given me what I need till then.

I just want you to focus on Jesus’ face. If the picture is grainy it may be hard to tell but Jesus has the slightest hint of a smile on His face. This also give's me great comfort because I know that God LOVES to be there for us! Or better yet, He LOVES US! He loves me! He loves you! I can tell you that God thoroughly enjoys every moment He gets with us, He enjoys it when we come to Him at our weakest of moments and rest in His almighty presence. The kind of presence that can make everything better, the kind of presences that comforts.

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  1. This picture is one beautiful face of God, while the picture of your baptism is another beautiful face of God. Very re-assuring. Aunt Wendy


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