Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day in a Life...

I find myself more tired and tired these days. But I can not say I don't like it. :) Since I have been back from Mercy Ministries, One of my main objectives was to get more involved and not be so bored at home where temptation easily comes. Well, I jumped right in to anything that I thought I would enjoy. I am absolutely loving it. I didn't even really have to jump in on some of the things. The opportunity just arrived at my door step. I thank God for those! As a result my body is now trying to adjust.

You see, before Mercy I was a very lonely depressed girl. I often would just go to work, go home and sit around watching movies, and stuffing my self full of food. Every day it was the same routine. I was always too afraid to join in on activities fearing that people would think ill of me because I was overweight. I was always afraid that people wouldn't accept me or I would mess up royally and they would all just give me a look of disapproval and reject me. It got so bad that even if I was eating my sandwich for supper (like a normal person would do) and someone walked by I would hide it quick so that people wouldn't see me eating. I just knew if someone saw me eating that they would think, "Oh there's that fat girl stuffing her face again, Geez! Does she ever stop eating?!" Trapped! is what I was! Trapped in my own fear. Oh Boy!!! Am I glad I am out of that rut! Typing this just gives me a reminder of how far God has gotten me. THANK YOU LORD!!! Anyways... back to my story. Well, After Mercy, totally opposite. It's truly amazing how God has changed me. I am hardly ever home, I don't live based on what people think of me. Albeit the thoughts pop up every so often but through God I can overcome them. They are less frequent and less influencing. I am bought and paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ. AMEN! It's about time I start living in that freedom!

So coming from doing absolutely nothing to having a full schedule, my body is just like... "what's in the world is going on?" But it will adjust. Our bodies are made to. :) Don't get me wrong it's not like every minute of the day is taken. I am definitely allowing some relaxing time. It's usually on Saturdays. I've learned it's also not healthy to be a highly stressed volcano living off Caffeine to get through the day! Haha! The only time I drink coffee is to keep warm because well... I live in Minnesota and its FREEZING COLD right now. My poor fingers are usually tinted purple. I think it's time to invest in gloves, don't you think?


  1. I am discovering that busy, while it can be overwhelming at times, can also be a huge blessing. I'm so excited that you are enjoying the things that you've been involved with. Way to go, girl!


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