Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Faithful God

These past few weeks have been a tough one, mainly because of financial reasons.  I've been able to keep steady since I have been out of Mercy Ministries but all my bills seemed to come at once and it left me with hardly any money.  I've not been as worried as I thought I would be surprisingly!

I'm not going to go and shower you with details but needless to say even when I had hardly any money, I gave it to God and said, "I'll trust you Lord! God I have no money for gas to get to work and my tank is empty, please Lord help me during this time." 

You know what? I made it! Miraculously! I was able to pump out some money for gas, miraculously I was able to eat my three meals a day.  GOD WILL PROVIDE!! He knows what His children needs! Even if you have to be poor for a few weeks (and worse for some people) Through all this, God will not let you down.  God is so faithful! I just want to thank Him all my days for all He has done!

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