Friday, October 9, 2009

"I don't know who God is anymore!"

Recently in the past few weeks, I've talked with a few people who have just lost touch with God. It makes me so sad for them to tell you the truth. I feel just like I want to shake their shoulders and point upwards shouting, "There's so much more!! He wants you more than you could ever imagine!" I've fallen into that trap for 21 one long strenuous years. It wasn't until I went to Mercy Ministries that my eyes were opened to this new relationship with Jesus. I mean, I have always known we need to receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Pray the sinner's prayer. I've prayed, I've cried to him, I was definitely Born-Again but I wasn't living it to the extent that it could be. Mercy Ministries showed me just a fraction of what my life could be like but even that fraction was so much more than I could have ever fathomed! I failed to see the little things in life that God is doing for me, I failed to walk in the authority that Jesus has given me, and I failed to use His most precious gift that Jesus died for me to have! His Holy Spirit, His very presence. God is so much more than a prayer a night keeps me in the right.

I recently went to a conference where the speaker used this illustration that totally just spoke out to me. She said, "Imagine a father with his son, the boy has to go to the bathroom so bad but there was no where for him to go. The only place available was this bar full of people using foul language, prostitution expressions and pictures scribbled all over the walls and in the stalls. The father took his hands and placed them on both sides of his little boys face and said, 'Just look at me son, Just keep your eyes on me, it's going to be alright'" My heart was just overflowing with love knowing that that is exactly what my Father God is doing for me. Our Lord doesn't just want to be the "Big man upstairs"; He wants to be our Father, our best friend. If you notice a couple of girls who have been best friends since childhood, they don't just talk once in a week, or call their number only when they absolutely need the other person. No, they are calling each other, talking with each other, laughing with each other, hanging out with each other most of the time!

Since I have been back God has really been my best friend. He's helped me so much and got rid of my fears for me! I still have some left but we are working on them together. Just the little things I've seemed to get so excited about. It's really hard to explain but I challenge you to just start talking with God more through out the day, just tell them what’s going on (even though He already knows, but He loves it when we talk to Him) You wouldn't believe how happy He is when He gets that time with us, His children. It not only makes Him happy but He makes you happy as well! I just want you to realize that you are not meant to live in bondage or depression or fear or anything of a sort! We are not meant to just live day by day and say to ourselves when we lay our heads upon the pillow, "Well, I guess this is how life is, I better just deal with it." When you get closer to God and begin that relationship with Him, I can tell you, you will be thinking, "Oh wow! I can't wait for tomorrow to see what He has in store for me!"

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