Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Little Miracle!

Last night I went to the movies with a friend. We actually stopped at Target quick to get a birthday present for my cousin who is turning one. It was dark outside and I was driving in the parking lot to find a spot to park. I found one, but saw a better one straight ahead and decided to pull through. I was forgetting the most important thing, which is to look because I would need to cut across an isle to get to the other parking spot. As I was pulling ahead, I can swear to you today, I felt such a strong impression, almost verbal word cut through my mind, "Look." I remembered instantly that I should look to see if there was a car coming down the isle.

Low and behold there was! A young lady driving and would have T-Boned me in the parking lot on the drivers side if I hadn't heard that voice with that one word telling me to look. Isn't that crazy! I immediately stopped and waved at her and she drove off. I was praising God in my head because I know He just saved me from what could have been a huge accident. I or that girl could have been royally hurt. My friend was in the passenger side and I told her! I said God told me to look!! God told me to look! She isn't a Christian so she was probably just like, "cool" but I felt just so thankful and amazed that God just did that!

My little miracle! My gosh! GOD IS SO GOOD! He WILL protect you! Thank you Jesus!

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