Friday, November 6, 2009


This has been an amazing week.  Accomplishing a lot, learning a lot, and all that good stuff.  Well lately as you may have seen in my past blogs, the Lord has been dealing with me a lot about pride.  And Man! May I say, God is not relenting on working this out! It almost feels like I am starting a new job, you know? I am following my manager around as he shows me what has to be done and how it needs to be done.  I just stand next to him as he shows me and try my best to take it all in.  It's crazy!  Well He must be testing me now.  He keeps bringing in more opportunities to act upon all that I have learned.  I have NO idea what His plans are and or what He is doing! But I do know, just stand back and let the master work!  (which is not entirely easy I might add!)

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  1. Yaaaayyy! It's always hard to just sit back and let God take the reigns... but it always works out amazingly in the end! I am glad you are letting Him have the control!

    You're amazing! <3


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