Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Yup, Pride... It's a very big thing. Sometimes our own pride just constantly gets in the way of everything that God has for you. Pride is the very thing that makes you think that everything in the world revolves around you and that you are better than everyone around you, because, "oh! They did that! My gosh! How could they? "I" know "I" would never do that, "I" am so more Christian than they are".  Now we know each one of has thought that at some point, maybe not to that extreme, but in any case, pride is still pride in any shape or form. It is still a sin, a sin that separates us from God. And the thing about pride, since we are so caught up in ourselves, it's often time very hard to get out of.

Don't let that discourage you, because I have to the good news as well. God is STILL God, and He can do anything! He'll help you out of it, He'll show you the compassion you need to see people through God's eyes. To see that every person you come into contact with is hurting in some way, the sins that they do are not any different then the sins that you do.

There maybe different types of sin, but no sin ranks higher or lower then the other in God's book. If you have one sin, just one sin, no matter the sin, on your record, you are technically supposed to be sent to Hell. Thankfully though, God sent his son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins, so we now have the option of being washed by His blood and making us white as snow.

With Pride, I'll be honest, I deal with it, I deal with a lot of pride. God has not failed to address that to me. I see it everywhere sometimes. I tend to put my self on that "pedestal" and look down on certain people. Thankfully God has put several speed bumps in my path so I was knocked down. It's only then that I can see just how prideful I am.

I'm working on it, working with God to help me. He definitely is a life saver to me! Just recently God was telling me that I need to open up to more people. He was saying that he has put several people in my path for me to talk with but I have so much pride that I don't want to let people know I am struggling with something. I keep thinking I can do this on my own.

At Church last Sunday, we had a message that just shook me. I felt like I was getting nailed to the heart every second of that sermon. It was talking straight to me. I knew immediately I needed to let someone know, I needed to talk with someone. I needed to take a stand against my pride. At the end of the service, I did. I was able to have a heart to heart conversation with a great woman of God. She gave me the words and encouragement that I needed. In the end she spoke words to me that were so on target that your mind goes nuts! I took that first initial step, now; it can only get better from here. I love it when God works on me. Although I admit, it's quite painful, but once He's finished with the construction, you'll be brand new. I can't WAIT until my construction is done!

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