Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Special Thanks

As you probably...well hopefully you know! that it is Veteran's Day! I personally have two brothers in the Air Force. So Happy Veterans Day to them! (by the way if you get the chance, please pray for them. Their names are Ryan and Nate).

Ryan and his wife, Liesl, on their wedding day in South Africa

Ryan has been over to Iraq 3 times since his enlistment 8 years ago. Each time in Iraq, it was roughly about 6-8 months of deployment. This last one was the hardest on him because he had to leave his pregnant wife at home. He was itching to get home! The poor guy! But now he is back and from what I've heard, for the last time. They had a beautiful baby girl named Ryelie just over 2 months ago that Ryan was able to be home for. I can't wait to see my new little niece! you see, Ryan and his wife Liesl are stationed in Mildenhal, England. It's quite the trek away I must say. I'll be able to see her and them in April where they'll be in the states for a month! Oh goody!! I can't wait! But anyways, I just want to say a special thanks to my brother Ryan, for serving our country, for being just a great person and brother. I also want to say a BIG necessary thank you to Liesl, who has stood by him even while he was thousands of miles away, She's had to endure 2 of the 3 deployments with out him. (she didn't know him on the first one) But again, Thank you for being a great sister! I can't wait to spend oodles of time together when you come to the states! Us ladies and Mel are going to have some good sister bonding time! :)

Nate on the left, Ryan on the right.

Well, I can't leave Nate out now can I? Haha! :) Nathan has been in the Air force for 5 years I believe. He's currently stationed in Georgia. He hasn't been deployed to Iraq but he has been shipped to places such as Djibouti, Africa and Korea. Just recently my brother texted me and said there is a possibility he might get deployed again but he never responded back when I asked "where?" It sounds like it may be slim, but with the Air Force you never really know what they are thinking, both of my brothers have said, "They own me, the second you sign the papers, you are owned by the Air Force." With that you one just never knows. I'm praying it won't be Iraq. Nate just got married in September to a lovely woman named Vanessa. She's is such a sweetheart. I give them my thanks as well. You both have been of great service to our country, Thank you for all you do!

Nate and his wife Vanessa on their wedding day in Florida

I also want to thank my cousin Chris who is in the Air Force as well serving in Italy. Miss you tons buddy!

And to all of the other men and woman who are out there serving or have served, YOU are GREAT! Thank you so much for helping keep this country a free country. You all have your own stories that make you unique and special. Without your kindness and servant hood, we couldn't be where we are today. I have such respect for you. If I could shake your hand, I would.

Many blessings out there to my readers and all the veteran's out there! I pray God will keep you all safe and well.


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