Friday, December 4, 2009


It's at almost freezer temperature here in Minnesota, a cool, crisp 18 degree's with snow flurries.  And It's taken a lot for me to warm up! Especially now that I have no winter coat this year.  I stuck my hands under the faucet and turned the nozzle all the way to the left for ultimate heat! Nice temperature shock! Right now I am sipping 2 cups of hot sugar free cocoa while I write to you at work.  It's starting to thaw me out!

This winter will be an unpredictable one I believe.  And not having a winter coat will make it all the better! I have to say, even though keeping warm will be a problem, I think the snow is beautiful! But all the while, I hope I get close parking spots at work so my time outside will be limited!! :) Haha!

Keep warm all you northern states!!! :) And make sure you thank God for heat!! I know I am!


  1. It snowed here yesterday! I have NEVER sat at the breakfast table and watched it snowed before. It was AMAZING. Especially with the mountains in the background.

    But... I almost froze to death!

    I don't see how you do it.


  2. I don't even know how I do it... :)


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