Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not A Sound

Morning, daylight is peaking through the window shades. I realize it's time, time for me to get up. Slowly I take off the covers and shuffle to the bathroom. I can hear the creaks of the floor boards as I pass by. The wood is cold on my toes. I hear the faintest noise in the distance. I wonder who it could be? A door shuts as my name is being called, "Kelley?"

All is well, Its just my uncle. Minutes pass by as he mentions his car is stuck just outside the neighbors yard. A little while later after my dear uncle's car has been free'd from the frozen snow, I head off to work.

My head begins to mutter, "What are you doing, Kelley? Why are you going to work?"
The dull debate in my mind begins to take over, "But I should atleast try!" I responded, knowing full well the roads would be horrible to drive on.

I quickly shove off all thoughts in my mind and focus on the several inches of pure white snow beneath my wheels. I safely make it to main road as relief takes over my body upon the sight of little black tar trails peaking through the bland white snowy roads. The road has been plowed!

30 minutes later, I venture in to the parking lot of my work. Something is different, something is weird. As my car peaks upon the hill in the parking lot, I notice something. As my eyes begin to take in the surroundings... Its....empty!   I am taken aback by the pure eeriness of the vast amount of spaces to park. I tell myself as I venture through the stillness, "It's going to be a long day."

Even still, I press on. I park my tired and cold car to the closest parking spot I could find. There were too many spots to choose from. Eventually I decide.

"Here goes nothing" I thought as I open my driver side door. Upon the first seconds of my door being ajar, the bitter cold sweeps across the inside of the car sending chills down my spine. I quickly pull my coat around tighter across my waist. The first steps towards the building are normal, towards the 3rd step, I stop. Snow is still falling, But there was nothing, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse! I could have heard a pin drop. "Eerie, Eerie" begins to splash in my mind. I keep walking and taking in the every moment as snow still falls on my nose and eyelashes.

I hurriedly open the door to the building, swipe my badge, and open another door.

"Good morning!" I say to the security guards. They smile and wave back.
"At least there is someone here today, " I think to myself.

As I swipe my badge again to enter into the office area, I walk towards the elevators and push the arrow to go up. The elevator was not very busy today so it opened the second I pressed the button. I take a few steps in and press #4.

10 seconds later, the door opens. The sudden familiarity upon view of the 4th floor overwhelms me as I take my steps toward my cubicle. Upon settling in, and stashing my purse in a locked drawer, I walk to the break room for some sugar-free hot chocolate. The only familiar sound I heard was the humming of the heater as it tries to steady the temperature in the environment. Walking past my fellow co-workers cubes, I notice something. They are all.... empty! I walk around even further and notice not one person. This shouldn't surprise me considering the lack of cars out front, but I couldn't get over the intense sense of loneliness.

I walk back to my desk satisfactorily after grabbing my hot chocolate. I stir it with my spoon and slowly sip the liquid as it enters into my body. The warmth from the drink slowly starts to thaw out my fingers. The purplish color begins to drain from my fingernails. Sip. Swallow, Sip, Swallow. Steam rises.  The routine becomes evident as I type my story to you. The soft pitter patter sounds begin to fill the air as my finger tips gently tap the plastic keys on the keyboard. A familiar sound once again. Slowly as the minutes pass by, I realize it's only just begun.

What happens next surprises me, a sudden movement from the corner of my eye catches my attention. A wild bear! Just down the hallway! Standing on his hind legs as he begins to roar!

"Roarrr!!! Roarrrrr!!"

The sound of screams fill up my vocal box for cry's for help! But no one is around to help me! The bear darts across the hallway towards me.

"Runnn!!!!!" my mind screams at me. I'm too slow! The bear is catching up! I can't shake him! I frantically run away towards anything that might put distance between me and my enemy. I open the door to the stairs as fear has already enveloped my body. My body is weak, it's not strong enough. I turn around to see the bear is now with in attacking range of me.

"Ahh!" I scream as my left foot catches on the cement stairs and I tumble all the way down. I black out from the intense blow to my head and the fear from the bear as he jumps at me to attack.

Suddenly I wake up. I pear around noticing I am safe in my cubicle. I check my body to see if their were any wounds. Nothing. It was just a dream. I had fallen asleep at work. Hot chocolate spilled everywhere. It's still too quiet. Again, I tell myself upon walking to the break room for napkins, "It's going to be a long day."


  1. That's crazy Kel, but very well written I must say. It kept my attention anyway. I'm like, was she sleeping the whole time? Did she not even go to work today? Fall asleep at work though ha. Weird.

  2. Wow... I was starting to freak out! Before I finished reading it, I called my mom into the room to tell her my friend had a bear in her office! I was freaked!

    You're a good writer, Kelley dear! Did this really happen? The dream and all?

    Ah. Hot chocolate can do things to your mind..

  3. Kelley my dear, you should be a writer, a novel writer, that is. You grabbed my attention at the beginning and kept it there to the end. Your writing also made me think you were suppose to be off that day and didn't know it and that it was all a dream. Great description of your surroundings. Felt like I was there with you. Intense. Wendy Larson


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