Thursday, December 3, 2009

Relieved Beyond Measure!

Well ever since God has been dealing with me on my pride issue, I've been noticing more and more examples of pride in my life.  I'd say one area where I can be extremely prideful is with my voice.  You get to become someone else for those few moments in time and get applauded graciously at the end. You get lots of people who come up to you and say what a beautiful job I did and how lovely my voice is.  Very very flattering, I admit! But it's not me who deserves the credit! It entirely goes to God! He's the one who gave me the privilege of having a voice.  And for me to take that glory from Him? That wouldn't be good.

I'm so relieved as God gave me a break through this past week dealing with pride! As you probably have heard I have this Christmas Production at my church that I am involved with.  Needless to say there were a lot of solo's to audition for.  God chose this specific time as a perfect time to work on pride! (good timing, eh?)   There was one solo I had my eye on.  I wanted it.  I started getting prideful and it took all that was within me to curve those thoughts away and replace them with humbling thoughts.  God helped me through it though! I give him the glory for that! It was working though.  I started thinking about all the other people who have amazing voice around me and want that solo as well.  I started to imagine their voices in that song.  There was one girl I knew would be a perfect fit.  Anyways the names were called out for the solo opportunities, when it got to the solo I tried out for... Another girls name was said.  You would have thought I would have been bummed or something.  But as sure as I stand here today, I was RELIEVED! I felt so relieved! I was so happy for the other girl who got the solo.  (And it happened to be the girl in whom I thought her voice would fit perfectly for the solo!)  HAHA! I love it.  Growing is so fun once you actually see your growth!

Well it did dawn on me that I wouldn't get a solo this year and needless to say this did kind of bum me a little bit.  But God decided to bless me a little bit...  In which you'll have to attend the concert to find out what it is!! Mwahahaha! :) Okay just kidding God did give me a perfect little "add in" for a song.  Not quite a solo but it's something! And I could never be happier.

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