Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Want To Know You

Amidst last night's events, it was great. God told me exactly what I have needed to hear, even though I've been saying it to myself for the past few months. It seems that when you hear it from someone else, in whom you know God is backing that up, hits home a lot more then when you just say to yourself, I need to work harder at knowing God.

Knowing God. It's seems like such a general statement, but in reality it's not. It's so simple, yet amazingly complex. To know God more, would require time, talents, effort, wants, your heart, mind, and soul. It's a pretty costly thing to a human being. What I already know right now, God is amazing, all powerful, strong, BIG yet somehow just my size, all knowing, all sufficient, my Savior, my Father, my Provider, my Backbone, the ONLY One who could possible be all that I need and much much more. He is the I Am. But I have to wonder, if I know those things just because I've read about them or heard someone else proclaim them. Do I know these things on a personal level? Do I know these things based on experience? Do I know these things from actually spending time in God's presence?

God is vastly superior to anything that ever was or ever will be but yet He has humbly lowered Himself so that He can spend individual time with each and every single soul that has or ever will walk the planet, including me. I mean when you think about it....STORY TIME!!! :)

The phone rings, it's Jesus's secretary! Maybe she has good news? I've been wanting to meet Jesus so bad. I really need to talk business with Him as well. There's so much to talk about, I wonder if Jesus has time for me? YAY!! It is good news! She said Jesus has time for me! I've been given a set appointment. We are going to meet...Officially!!... at 11:00 AM in His office on Monday morning. Wow! Is she serious?? She just gave me Jesus's pager number and personal cell phone so I can contact Him at ANY time I want!! Wow this is a glorious day!! She told me that Jesus broke away the barrier between us so He has time for me all the time. SWEEEEEET!! Okay so it's Friday afternoon, I have the whole weekend. I better go fix some things around my house this weekend and get some time to relax and unwind from this past week. It's been so stressful! I feel like I am taking on everything all at once. Whoohoo! It's Monday!! Okay so I have a couple hours before I meet Jesus. Hmm what to do to kill time. I know! I'll play solitaire on my iPod before going. 1 hour passes... Hmm still have an hour yet. Maybe I'll go watch some TV. OOOH! No Way! I love this show!! I hardly ever get to see this show!! Aww crapanoley! It's a two hour special! I can't watch the full show. But... I really want to watch this show. I have to know if Dr. Draven is going to be able to save Mrs. Pickem! I'm sure Jesus will understand if I reschedule. He did say He's available at any time. I'll text His cell phone and tell him. That way I don't have to hear the disappointment in His voice when I inform Him. Okay done. Woofta. Wow... I kind of feel a ping of guilt. Ha!! No way! I can't believe Dr. Draven fell in love with Sheila! Dude! This show is awesome! Oh No, Jesus is calling me. He's probably going to yell at me. I know! I won't answer the phone so that He'll think I don't have the phone on me. He can leave me a message. Yeah, that's it! Yup, He left a message. I better listen to it. Wow! He's set up another appointment! Oh no! I have a shopping trip with my mother planned that day! He'll have to adjust His schedule more to fit my needs.

It sounds silly doesn't it? "He'll have to adjust His schedule more to fit my needs." But in reality it's so true. I am guilty of that! We all are guilty of that at some point in our lives. I am making it a goal now. I am tired of pushing Jesus to the side after all He has done for me.

"God, I WILL make time for you!


  1. Kelley....

    We all know I love the English language, and writing to show it off. You sometimes make me feel in adequate (in a good waaayy)!

    You have such a way with words, and such a way of expressing yourself.

    You're AMAZING... in more ways than 3459438057349083!



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