Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Stating the obvious, loving someone regardless of what the person does is a continuous hard thing to do. I find my self in the predicament where someone just does something that is wrong. We have friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances everywhere that are hurting and finding someway to vent out their frustrations. From being on a view from the outside, we can often times view these situations differently. It's so easy to say, "Do what's right!" to the person next to you but it's a whole different story in trying to apply those same three words in our own lives. What makes things so difficult is we often times try to ignore our own lives and push aside in denial those things that we are doing that are not good for us. How is that when we see someone smoking a cigarette (this is just an example) that we can think to ourselves, "Just stop smoking! You're killing yourself. Why are they doing that to themselves?" Yet, what's going on in our own lives is the very same situation but with different objects of use. Take for instance, in my life, I have the struggle to overeat. I should be saying to myself, "Just stop eating! You're killing yourself!"

I've had the few instances where sometimes God just replaces my eyes with His eyes for a just a brief moment. Obviously not literally! But He fills me up with extreme emotion for the hurt that everyone is feeling inside and dealing with. I'm not saying I see everyone's problems or anything. I am just saying that I feel compassion for them for whatever it is that they are going through or have gone through. When you look around at every single person that walks past you, odds are they have been hurt by something or are currently being hurt by someone/something. It helps to keep me in a reality check. Especially considering the person who I was before Mercy Ministries was an extremely judgmental person.

Well who knows what that person who is smoking, drinking, doing drugs or stealing, etc.. is dealing with. Maybe they can't stop just like I couldn't stop overeating. I remember those days vividly. I remember how I felt while binging, I remember the extreme guilt that washed over me, I remember wanting nothing else in the world at that moment, all I only wanted was junk food. I wanted something to put inside my mouth, something to chew, something to savor, something to make my taste buds go wild, something to put my mind at ease. Something to make my body/flesh just shut-up and leave me alone. It's overpowering. At that moment, you are not yourself, you've been completely taken over. It's not easy to stand up to that! It's (forgive my speech) Hell! If I can just realize how hard it was for me to overcome my addictions and replace that with how it is for them to probably overcome their addictions, I can see them in a different light. Maybe I'll have compassion on them instead of judgment. One just never knows the endless amount of possibilities that simple trick could create. Maybe just maybe, instead of judging them, we can ... help them?


  1. God is good. Keep the fire in your Spirit burning. www.developingyourspirit.blogspot.com


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