Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was reading an article on how Michelle Obama is launching a campaign to lower childhood obesity.  This is a very touchy subject. There was some proof that Michelle Obama (or was it Barak?) called their daughter Malia "chubby" at one point. This was one of the reason she wanted to launch this campaign. I looked at Malia's picture and she is skinny! But who's to know that she wasn't a little heavier at that point? I can't question Michelle's motives for this campaign because I do not know her. I hope she has the correct motives behind this.

Anyways, I was reading some of the comments left under the article and I am just hurt by some peoples opinions.  It just really urkes me that people can be so critical.  A couple comments were along the lines, "I agree with Michelle, NO FAT CHICKS!!!!" or, "fat people suck."

I mean, seriously? What is their problem? I admit being "fat" is not the greatest sight to see but they have no idea how hard it is! This obesity is just like any other addiction out there.  Being addicted to drugs, drinking, sex, shopping, money, is just as hard as being addicted to food.  The only differences are the consequences. 

I just wish people could stand in "fat" people's shoes for just on day.  I wish they could feel the overwhelming persistency of those temptations we feel, I wish they could the feel the constant pressure to be thin,  I wish they could feel how it feels when someone calls you fat, or how it feels to know that how we look is what the world classifies as "UGLY".   We have feelings too! We are people too!

This is just another stupid tactic by the devil to try and hurt us, to pinpoint ones problem and make us so offended that we retreat and go the very problem we are trying to overcome.  You know what? It's not going to work! I finally found the verse yesterday that I have been looking for for a long time.

"The King is enthralled with your beauty..." Psalm 45:11.

Here is a definition of the word, enthrall and captivate as defined on
ENTHRALL–verb (used with object)
1. to captivate or charm
2. to put or hold in slavery; subjugate: to be enthralled by

CAPTIVATE–verb (used with object),
1. to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant: Her blue eyes and red hair captivated him.
2. Obsolete. to capture; subjugate.

Whatever this stupid world may say is NOT going to deter me from what I know is truth.  I AM BEAUTIFUL by decree of the most high GOD who is captivated by my beauty.  I'm sorry to all those who think "fat people suck" but your wrong, God does not make crappy things.


  1. You ARE beautiful! You know that I have always thought that!
    Thank you for the encouraging word, Scripture and definitions.

    Lord, I pray for daily, hourly, minutely victory in Kelley's life. That more and more she be filled with you!

  2. Great post! Love your verse :-) Something I want to claim in my own life!

  3. I think it hurts whenever someone looks at you and judges you by appearance, for ANY reason. Who are we to do decide someone's worth based on how they look? I'm SO thankful that God looks at the heart. I mean I've had people say things about my scars, or my teeth, or my weight, or even just my face. IT ALL HURTS. And every addiction is difficult. And food is so much more available that other things.

    It amazes me the emphasis thst society puts on us to be thin and beautiful when we see commercials of women who are clearly unhealthy with their weight and then see a thousand commercials for cookies and chips and McDonald's. It sends a lot of mixed messages. I realize the media is there to sell a product, but c'mon can't we do a little better than that?

    Love you, Kelley, you are so beautiful inside and out!


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