Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling Normal Today

Yesterday was pretty bad.  Although it was strongly needed, I was in a pretty big depression yesterday.  I honestly have never felt like that in my whole life.  It almost felt as though  22 years of crap came up in that depression yesterday.  The deep pain in my heart almost seemed physical instead of emotional.  I'm calling it a healthy emotion because it was something I needed to feel at the time considering the circumstances.  If it had lasted longer than that I would have been worried.  But today seems almost normal, although I am still a little down and touchy on the crying part. I am actually doing a lot better than yesterday.  I know God has got His mighty hand over this situation.  I know everything will turn out great.  I know I will get through this trial period in my life.  There still is a long road ahead, a long emotional road.  I'm not necessarily looking foward to the trials that it entails but I am looking foward to that glimer of freedom I am starting to see miles down the road.  This area of my life will no longer have a hold on me.  I'm declaring that God takes it and makes me whole. 

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