Friday, March 26, 2010

Hannah's Story

I was reading 1 Samuel last night.  First of all, I really admire Hannah.  How she handled the situation was amazing! I just really love it.  I suppose it doesn't hurt to go into detail of why I admire her... :) Let me give you a brief summary.

Hannah was barren.  The Lord has closed her womb and she had been unable to bare children for her husband.  She was taunted by people endlessly regarding the subject.  She was deeply grieved by all of this to the point where she would just weep and weep.  She was downcast all the time and wasn't eating.  She brought her grief to the Lord and prayed so hard, or as the bible says, "poured out her soul" to God.  She was praying so intensely and in such a way the priest thought she was drunk! She prayed for God to give her a son, and if He did, she would give her son to the Lord to be used by Him.  But what catches my eye was the fact that after she prayed, she got up, lifted her head, walked away and even ate something.  The bible says she was no longer downcast.  I've noticed that in my prayer life, where something will bother me, I bring my requests up to God and even after I've done so, I still think about it and can become "downcast" about it.  But what Hannah did, she walked out of that prayer session with faith, knowing that she had done what she could, knowing that God would answer her prayers.  She believed with all her heart.  If she didn't, she wouldn't have walked out of there the way she did. 

What makes me admire Hannah even more was after she had her son, Samuel, she didn't just keep her son and hold onto him, but she kept her end of the deal.  She gave Samuel to the Lord, he lived with the priest...

For something she wanted so badly all of her life, It's amazing that she was able to give him up to God.  What she did right there said to me, that yes, she loves her son with all her heart, but she loved God more and is willing to give him to the Lord as a sacrifice, a gravely humble and submissive act.  Because of Hannah's faith and sacrifice, the Lord blessed Hannah with more sons and daughters to replace the one she humbly gave up. Amazing.  As I said before, I highly admire Hannah.  She was a great woman of God, and I can't wait to meet her in Heaven someday. 

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