Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Highly Encourage

I know a lot of times people think that the word, "counseling" is just a bad word, it should never be mentioned, it's taken as a curse, and we often times reject the thought of it. A lot of people think, that counseling is for those who have bigger problems then your own. I beg to differ actually.  I think that we have been actually programmed to not be independent and to actually rely on counsel, whether it be from God, other people, your friends, your family, or even your counselor.  I think that one of the biggest misconceptions of people today is that they think that we are supposed to keep our problems to ourselves, that no one cares about their own problems.  I again, beg to differ. I think that by keeping our problems to ourselves we are actually saying, I am perfect, I don't need any help, I can do this on my own, I know how to deal with my own problems, I don't need anyone else's help, especially God's. Now obviously I am not saying everyone needs to go call the 1-800 hotline and book an appointment with the nearest counselor, I simply mean that a lot of times, God divinely puts people in our lives to help us, give us some words of wisdom, or to speak from God's own heart. 

I recently joined the Prayer Counseling ministry at my church.  This ministry is out there and available for people to come and get some prayer, have people listen to what you have to say, and ultimately give you some encouragement and Godly direction.  I do have to mention that this particular ministry does not have licensed counselors, but man! They sure are in tune with what God is telling them!

For me, I knew that God wanted me to get involved with this ministry.  So it was definitely needed and definitely the right time.  I actually like counseling. To be able to talk about what I am going through has been so helpful.  Especially because I used to never let people know my problems.  I used to be the problem stuffer. Now, I have 22 years of emotions to sift through. Because of this I have been able to open up to some very dear and close friends of mine, which in turn has actually made me feel closer to them.  For me, the sense of having a friend makes all the difference in the world. I've had friends, I've had people I see at only church, or only school, or only work, but never that friend who will sit there and comfort you when you are down, hug you when you are crying, kick your behind when you do something stupid, and celebrate with you when you've accomplished something.  I've experienced this new found friendship with in the past few months and it has been wonderful.

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