Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"I knew that!...wait?...what?"

My tummy happened to be really hungry today and it started growling way before it's normal time.  Around 11:00AM.  Well all I had for food at work was oatmeal and I had already had that for breakfast. So I decided to go out to lunch today.  In my car, I have this totally awesome radio station on.  It's 95.3 PraisFM a NorthCentral University radio station (that's a coinky dink).   It's waaaay better than KTIS, who happens to repeat the same 10 songs over and over and over and over again.  Anyways that's a different subject. :) While going to lunch there was a speaker on the radio.  His name is Dennis Swanberg.  He was absolutely hilarious! He was doing voice imitations and everything, which were really good I might add.  His whole message was easy to listen to and had some great thoughts to ponder.  There was one sentence though, that just really got my attention.  I'm thinking I must have subconsciously believed this so that's why it hit home so much.   Consciously I was thinking, "I knew that!...wait?...what?"

He said something along the lines of, "Do you think God loves or favors Moses more than you?"  He was talking about all the things that Moses did in his life and how everyone of the Isralites were disappointed and not happy that God left all of Moses's work into Joshua's hands after he passed.   Well it got me thinking, Moses did such great work for God. I mean he led millions of people to freedom, he held the 10 commandments and saw God literally write them with His finger, he had more intimacy with God than people could ever imagine, his face was glowing because the Glory of the Lord was upon him.  He did SO much, he's a major part of the Bible's history and the Kingdom of God.  So I guess I look at my life and see what it is that I've done, and I can't even think of one thing.  I mean, if the devil held Moses in one hand and me in the other and told God to choose which one lives or gets thrown over the cliff, I can't help but think He would pick Moses.   (Of course, I know that this would never happen.  You can't put God in that situation, He's GOD, I am just using this as an example)  Consciously, I know that God loves me just as much as Moses or any other person, but I guess deep inside, I felt inferior to all the works that other Christians are doing.  God knew I needed to hear that He loves me just as much as He loves Moses or Abraham, or David, or Billy Graham or any other person. 

I'm SO glad I don't have to live up to Moses standards in order to be loved by God.

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