Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Having Faith

Lately, it seems God has been really trying to have me just press into Him, let go, and give up control.  A great hint of this was at Swing Dancing the other night.  I was dancing with a guy where at the end of the dance I am supposed to fall into him and he holds me up.  It was WEIRD! but fun.  It was so hard for me to do because I basically had to have faith that this guy can hold me up.  I am just lying there on his side.  We tried that move like 3 or 4 times but I just couldn't seem to let go and relax.  I think it was just another sign for me.   Giving up control is no easy thing.  Heck, I've been practicing being in control for 22 years, it's not something I can just drop like a hat.  But thankfully God has been super patient with me and waiting as I inch closer and closer to that day when I realize, God is in CONTROL. 

Having faith seems to be a hard thing.  Having faith in trusting people around you, having faith that your dancing partner is not going to drop you, having faith that God is going to supply your every need, having faith that even when you let go, God won't.  So much things require faith.  Faith is believing in the unseen, unknown. 

Swing Dancing couldn't have come at a better time.  I have to follow where ever my partner brings me.  I have to learn if he's twisting me, twirling me, if I stand still, fall, slide, move the left or the right.  The woman's position in swing dancing is learning where her partner takes her and following his orders. With out giving up control to what moves you want to do, swing dancing doesn't work. 

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