Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Know He'll Provide

It's been a strange day today.  With news that my brother-in-law Cory lost his job, I'm at mixed emotions.  My sister lost her job just a month or so ago as well...from the same company.  So now they are both jobless with a son and a little one on the way.  I'm so sad for them but yet I have this overwhelming persistent feeling that God will make a way for them.  Some how shape or form, God will supply their every need.  I just know it.  Although this didn't happen to me, I feel for them and was a little upset with the news but still, God let me know, It will be alright.  He gave me a free pop. :) haha! You are probably thinking, "What?! A free pop? What's so cool about that?" I don't really know.  But it made my day and that's all I needed. :D

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