Monday, July 5, 2010

Life, And All That Implies

3 weeks into my unemployment and not a whole lot has turned up.  I'm using my money wisely, by not spending ANY of it! But life happens you know? There's not a whole lot we can do when life chooses to happen.  My poor car I've had since I was 18 is pretty broken right now.  Something is wrong with my front driver's side tire, I can feel it as I drive.  My car doesn't drive as straight as it once did either.  Not to mention my air conditioner decided to have mood swings on me, so some days I get it but most days I don't.  I know I need at least my tire fixed because I am pretty sure it's not technically safe to drive on but alas... it is my only source of transportation.   I've been trying not to drive it except to Church and back but even then, it probably won't help much.  I am ready for job.  I have to get my car fixed soon.  I've gotten a couple of tips, but most only leading to seasonal jobs.  I'm not going to turn my head away on those because even seasonal jobs supply paychecks! 

I have to say it's been a relaxing past 3 weeks of unemployment.  I've had hardly anything really to do but spend some time on me.  I've had my bad days as well, but thankfully those have not been too often!  

Honestly I could use some prayer support.  Especially for God to supply a job and for my car to get fixed with little expense.  I'm trying to keep my faith up as I know God will provide but I am human.  I'd be lying to say I have no worries.  

I think what has really been on my mind as far as emotional and spiritual changes has been centered on one single word, and that is Honesty.  I'm seeing more and more that true friendship feeds on true honesty towards each other even when it comes to point where it may hurt that other person.  In the long run it's better.  I'm tired of being the person who sneaks along trying to please everyone and keep my opinions to myself.  I was such a horrible people pleaser before Mercy and I've become better but I still have a long ways to go.  It was to the point where I didn't have opinions... on anything!  God has given me a life, circumstances I've learned from, and friends I've gained honest support from, why in the world should I hide what God has given me?  I'm trying to change.  I want to be able to speak my mind. For all of you who have known me as the push-over well, Kelley the people pleasing push over is no more! For those of you who are in contact with me, I'll give you honesty but I also want honesty in return.  Feel free to speak your mind with me as well! 

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