Friday, August 6, 2010


A little while ago I started having Car problems.  Too much to fix.  I have a 99' Oldsmobile Intrigue that has been faithful to me since I was 17.  One by one more issues started to surface these past couple months.  It was decided to have my dad drive it back to Sioux Falls (where he lives) and see if it is worth fixing or not and to see how much the car would be worth. 

The news came today with news that still shocks me but yet somehow seemed expected.  The engine is shot, a complete goner.  I didn't have the most diligent amount of oil changes and found out that had a part in why in the engine is failing.  So now I am feeling quite devastated, especially knowing it was my lack of care that provided some of the mishaps.  I've definitely learned my lesson now.  It was my first car, my only car, and now I have to buy a new one.  Although I am slightly excited that a change will take place.  I always love it when something new comes along but I am saddened to see my faithful car go. 

Living on my own since I was 18, I don't have any major debts besides a small credit card and now the thought of putting my self into a major debt in buying a car scares me a little.  God has been showing his faithfulness and love through these trying times the past few months, so I know he will provide for this new car.  He's provided me with so much already. 

Needless to say, I am a mixture of emotions right now, but mainly I am beating myself up a little bit.  That of which know needs to stop, beating yourself up is never a good option.  I'm going to stand up and face my consequences as a mature young adult.  Oye ...I'm ready. 

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