Monday, August 9, 2010

Peculiar Epiphany's

Through out the last few months, I've noticed something peculiar.  A peculiar epiphany that slightly makes me happy but also never fails to let me know, I'm in need of prayer.  I've been having major breakthroughs in the area's of my main weaknesses and my golly gee whitakers! That does NOT make the devil happy! :) (Which makes me happy and I love my happiness over his!)

The breakthroughs have been tremendous varying in range from small to huge with great results.  God has been so amazing.  And I say that not lightly but in the full context of the terms I used.  God is seriously AMAZING. I give him all the Glory because everything that has happened to me has all been due to what He has done.  I am simply just trying to tag along and listen and be obedient to Him. 

Now to get this straight, I have never been the type of person to have "dreams" or "nightmare's".  Usually my sleep is uninterrupted peaceful bliss.  But even more recently I've been noticing a change.  On the days when I have breakthroughs I get dreams at night, bad dreams.  I wouldn't say nightmares because they don't scare me, but just bad dreams.  Dreams that usually consist of me indulging in my past sins, as if to remind me how good it felt when I took part in my old sins.  I wake up confused and can remember my dreams vividly.  It makes me happy to know the devil apparently feels threatened enough to try and bring me down, but like I said earlier, makes me realize I am in definite need of prayer.  There is a spiritual battle going on and I have to put on my full armor of God and stand firm.  These times in my life can require no slip in my nightly bible readings or my prayers to God.  Every one of those things are needed to help me get through this.  I can't take the chance to be vulnerable to the devil.

Over the weekend I felt God impressing upon me through other people and Sunday's sermon that I need to keep up with my bible reading.  It had been a week since I read my bible last and so I realized my loving correction and made it a point to read last night no matter how late I stayed up.  (which seems to have been my consistent excuse to not read this past week).  It was one of those nights where I thought it would be just good to let God pick where I read, so I got to where I thought He was leading me and low and behold, this was the first verse I read... And boy! Was it an eye-popper!
"Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."
Isaiah 60:1 ((NIV)
It struck me in a very personal way, which would be waaaay too long of a story for me to tell you! :) And from this verse I received a, again personal, breakthrough! It happened to be just the verse I needed.  Although I haven't quite found out the full extent to how those verses will end up meaning in my life, but I'm sure the clarification is not too far away.  But one thing I do know, God is using me! Which has been my prayer since I was a little girl.  In what shape or form? I have no idea.  But I am eager to know!

Well because of my amazing breakthrough last night I received another one of those bad dreams again.  The devil is trying to remind me of how (falsely) good it felt to indulge in my past sins.  You know what? Ain't gunna happen! I have felt what true JOY feels like.  There is nothing that compares.  No sin can ever make me this happy.  So here I am, standing (well actually sitting in a chair) this morning, ready.  Here I am Lord, use me!

And for all you spiritual prayer warriors out there! I sure could use some prayer! :) And even if you're not a prayer warrior, your prayer still counts!

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