Thursday, October 7, 2010

Updates are Good Once in a While

So here's the 411.  I am doing well.  Working and chilaxing. Monday night Tutoring started up again so I am having a good time there.  My student from last year decided not to return. I was quite shocked as she told me all last year how she loved it and even her younger sister (who was too young yet for the program) wanted to come.  When the first tutoring session started last week, I met my new student.  Low and behold, she was my previous year's student's best friend! She even knew me, told her friend that I was her tutor this year and they drew me pictures! It was so sweet! I even got a little teary-eyed! And that's pretty unusual for me to get teary-eyed! I still have those pictures in my purse.  My new student also told me that the reason my other student didn't come back this year is because she is moving to California.  Ahh, now that makes sense.  Such a bum, I'm going to miss that little sweety! I was so excited to try out some new things with her this year but I am also excited to try out some of those things with my new student, who is an absolute doll by the way! She's already made room for herself in my heart!

Other things, my dear friend is now in Ghana doing the Lord's work! I miss her already but she's off doing bigger and better things! I'm so happy that she's there and fulfilling her dream! It's been a long and tiring road to get her there and she deserves this so much for her kind and faithful spirit.  It's so cool to also say I am good friends with a "missionary" :) hehehe!

Other than that, my job at American Family Insurance is going well. I sill love it and am enjoying working there.  Wish it was a permanent position but not everything can perfect, right? :)

My new car is running smoothly and I enjoy having such a beautiful blessing.  God really blessed me with that car.  I guess it just means He loves me! :D

One other side note, for all my friends out there, I still have a lot of free time and I really enjoy hanging out with people.  Don't be nervous to call me up and hang out!

One thing I am really excited for is Christmas.  It's only 2 1/2 months away and my family will FINALLY be able to be together again! Yes, it's true.  All four kids will be home for Christmas.  So we'll have Mom, dad, Melissa and Cory with their two wonderful and adorable kids, Ryan and Liesl with their amazing daughter Ryelie and even the newest one who hasn't come out yet.  He/she will be here by Christmas though! :) Then there's Nate and his wife Vanessa coming home as well.  Last but not least, then there's me! :) We have not been all together at the same time since my sister's wedding back in like 2006! So bear with me as my excitement boils as Christmas draws near! Of course, I'm also excited to celebrate Jesus's birth too! Can't forget the reason for the season!

I believe that is all the updates for now! Bye ya'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, Kelley. Everything that I read left my mind when I read "Bye ya'all." Oh man. I want to hear you say it.

    ANDDDD, I am so excited to hear that someone else is excited about Christmas. It's so sweet that ya'll will all be together!

  2. Kerry, I so miss you! Someday I will say "Bye ya'all" to you in person! :) Love you!


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