Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

With only 15 days to go before the much anticipated holiday, Christmas, arrives... I am uber excited.  Why you might ask? It's simple.  My family will be home and all together for the first time since my sister, Melissa, got married in 2006.  4 years.  I love my family and I love it even more when we are able to be all together.  My family has an amazing sense of humor.  When we all get together, it is beyond hysterical.  We feed off each other.  Why wouldn't we? We grew up together. 

I have 3 other siblings whom are all married and most of them have kids.  Every single one of them will be home for Christmas.  My older brother Ryan is actually already home.  Although I haven't been able to see him since he is staying at Mom and Dad's home in Sioux Falls.  He, his wife, and his two daughters (One in whom I have never met) are driving up today actually to the Twin Cities.   It's going to be great to see them again and also meet my niece for the first time. 

My other older brother Nate won't be home yet for another week and 1/2.   He will be bring with him his wife Vanessa in whom as actually never met our brother Ryan and his wife.  Let alone their two kids. 

Needless to say.  I hope the 15 days go fast, but once those 15 days get here. I pray it goes slow so I can relish in our much needed family time.  Maybe we'll even bring out our old traditional game we used to play when we were kids, The Farming Game.  Can you sense I am excited????

I know Christmas may not be the best time of year for some of my friends due to past experiences and family drama.  I sincerely pray this one will be a good holiday for you.  Just remember the reason for the season... Christ the Lord is born.  Our Savior, Our King, Our One and Only True Love.  Happy Birthday Jesus!

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