Friday, January 28, 2011

Brand New Day

Good Morning everyone! And I truly mean that too.  I sincerely hope you have a good morning. Yesterday was one of those days, one that I wish I could just push fast-forward to 10:30 at night where I could be in my bed, under my covers, sound asleep.  Needless to say, it was not a good day yesterday.  Unfortunately half of my day is going to be left to the imagination for you guys.  Sorry! But I can tell you, I fell sick at work and spent the whole morning in complete pain and apparently my body just rejected my breakfast.  It was kind of funny actually, some of my co-workers just saw me after I had thrown up and thought I was angry! They had never seen me "angry" before so they were quite surprised.  I profusely said that I actually wasn't angry and was fine, but they didn't believe me.  Little did they know I had actually left my half digested breakfast in a toilet bowl a few seconds earlier.  Thankfully I felt almost up to par after a little pain medicine and sprite zero and was able to stay at work and complete my day. 

After another few events happened later that day, I was ready to just crawl in my room and hide out for the rest of the evening.  To my hesitation, I had a church event I wanted to attend to last night so I left early and went there instead of quarantining my self to my room.  It was a great time of reflection, encouragement, and talking.  I felt a lot better after going to church.  I am so happy I went.

There is a reason I say this all to you, I am just extremely thankful for NEW days.  After a day like yesterday, there is nothing quite like waking up in the morning, refreshed and ready to start anew.  Things of old are in the past and there is always the possibility of having a great day ahead.  And you know what? I have never been more thankful for a friend who is always by my side, ready and waiting, for when days go sour and I can vent to Him and tell Him all about it.  I am so happy to have a friend like Him.  :) He's actually a little goofball because, well you want to hear a funny story?

We had a One-by-One Tutoring Christmas Dinner last Monday because or original date came on a day a big snow storm hit.  We unfortunately had to post-pone.  My student came along with her mother and her Aunt and Uncle.  There was a computer give-a-way drawing being held that night.  They had 9 computers to give.  My student's uncle and his wife were expecting their first child. He was really hoping for a computer because he didn't have one and needed one.  I said I would pray he gets one.  We were all excited when the drawing started to take place.  I was secretly praying and praying that he would get one.  My student's mom told me they never get lucky on this sort of thing.  Computer 1's winner was called, then computer 2, 3, 4 and so on.  It came to Computer 9 and that was when I was praying really hard.  The name called was not his.  We were so bummed.  And then! Just at that precise moment, a 10th! Computer! was donated!! and guess what! Her uncle's name was called!! He had won!!! I couldn't believe it! God definitely has a sense of humor!! We were so shocked and excited! What a surprise! I know my student's aunt and uncle are going to thoroughly enjoy their new, used, God-given, comptuer!  Thank you Jesus!

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