Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Weekend of Fun

The fun of Holidays and family has now officially ended.  With Christmas and New Years over, we now have nothing to look forward to till spring.  The last few months of Winter will come bringing with it a never ending accumulation of snow to remind us.  But I had a great time.  Probably one of the better times in my life. 

Over Christmas, my family drove up and we got to celebrate our traditional annual Christmas get-together at Grandpa's.  With candles lit, rice pudding being temperamental, slow cooked ham smell permeating the air, a Christmas prayer, Luke chapter 2 voiced through the room, and a couple Christmas gifts for the kids creating a sense of familiarity as we embark on our family weekend together. 

Christmas has now ended and we yet look forward to New Years.  Plans were made to spend our intimate family Christmas together in South Dakota with mom and dad.  Yet, weather decided to make it's own plans.  With ice storm warnings across the state, I was forced to change my plans and head out of town on Wednesday night instead of Thursday.   My never ending applause of thankfulness is ever present, if I had left on Thursday, I would have never made it.   Ice had covered all of the roads. 

Due to the weather, we also chose to stay mainly indoors creating much needed family time for all of us.  We got the opportunity to grow closer, get to know the in-laws more, and play with the little ones.   I unfortunately came across a cold and was sick the entire weekend.  I didn't want it to let me down so I pushed through to make this weekend a memorable one.   I am so thankful for my family, for our time together, and for my boss who was very lenient in letting me take Thursday off last minute.  I am spoiled with a great job, a great car, a continuous paycheck, and so much more.  It's time to appreciate what I do have.  Always wanting more only leads me to forget what I already have right here in front of me, not to mention the feel of underappreciation and thinking I never get anything. 

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