Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Maker's Diet

What is it about what we eat day in or day out that severely impairs our health? Where did we go wrong? What things should I be eating? What things shouldn't I be eating? Questions upon questions.  I am at the point in my life where, eating is a life altering thing for me.   My health is extremely dependent upon what food's I am choosing to inhale.  Where do I go for answers?

My friend from church has been on what is called, The Maker's Diet.  (Although I refuse to use the word "Diet" in my vocabulary, I much prefer "Lifestyle Change")  Through this lifestyle change, she has been able to feel a lot healthier, have more energy, and lost some weight to get down to a healthier size.  She has been on this since I met her and she looks great.  I've been curious about the whole thing, so one day I went on Amazon and bought the book on this particular lifestyle change.  I am only half way through it and so far I am liking what I am reading. 

A short summary to explain this to you, The founder of this diet is a man named Jordan Rubin.  During his college years, he was stricken with a deadly case of Crohn's Disease.   This man was on the brink of death.  He weighed under 100 pounds and couldn't do anything to get his weight back up.  His body rejected any type of food or nourishment.  His body was starving itself.   Jordan was determined to find a way to live.  He searched high and low for any type of cure or ailment to alter his disease.  He went to doctor upon doctor, and even researched far outlandish alternative medicine.   One day, he decided to see what God had said in his most powerful source of information, The Bible.  Jordan picked apart the Bible and wrote down what food's God has said were okay or "Clean" in biblical terms, and also anything God had said were unclean to eat.  When he put this new found information to practice, his Crohn's disease symptoms were basically reversed.   He was able to gain weight, and his body started to retain the nourishment it needed.  Till this day he has not felt one symptom from Crohn's Disease.  He, I believe, is now a healthy 230 pounds.   I'm not sure I have the number exactly correct but you get the point.  He showed us a Before and After picture and it was SHOCKING. 

Everything really makes sense, he even included several stories of other people who had similar cases with various incurable diseases who have been cured.  His grandmother included.  (she had a severe case of cancer and was on her death bed as well) This is not to say, that this method of lifestyle change is going to cure everyone or something, but it has been proven to help. 

I am really enjoying this book and after a long time thinking about it and praying about, I'm interested in starting this.  I don't have an incurable disease or anything but I know, at the weight I am at, my health is not too good.  I can feel pains in my body in places I never had before.  I want to live a long healthy life and not have everything spiral out of control at the age of 40.   I look at my uncle, (whom I love dearly), once he got close to 50 his health severely deteriorated.  He is one miserable man with all the pains he has in his body, including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Asthma.  He has even been considering quitting his job because it is just so hard on him.   I want kids someday, and it will mean everything to me to be able to pick them up and play around with them, run after them, shoot them in the air and catch them, put them upside down and tickle their tummies without running out of breath and having to take a rest after 5 minutes. 

I plan on documenting my journey once I start just in case you might be interested in this as well.  First, I have to finish the second half of this book.  :) Prayers are always appreciated.

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