Monday, February 28, 2011

Stuck in my Head...

You know, ever since I started The Maker's Diet, I have had this song rolling around my head.  Keep in mind this is going on 3 weeks! But I think it's funny and was a little joke from God. :)
"You make me feel like a natural woman!!"


Sorry I had to share..

If you don't get it, read my previous blogs regarding the Maker's Diet and you'll understand, if then you still don't, message me and I'll fill you in!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Maker's Update

I'll bet you all are wondering how I am doing? Well I am pleased to tell you, I am doing great! It has now been 2 1/2 weeks since I started my 40 day health journey and I am learning a lot.  With these new findings on heath and the correct foods to eat, my body is already thanking me.  One major thing I noticed... my nails are growing.  And they aren't just growing, they are actually white.  Normally they are kind of yellowish and flimsy, not to mention easily breakable.  Not now! These babies are almost hard as rock!

It's been actually quite easy and knowing me, and my past, that would be inconceivable.  I give FULL credit to God as He is the only one sustaining me on this journey.  To be able to say goodbye to food I love, foods I have had contact with all my life would be impossible.  But as my phone told me yesterday on my daily bible app...
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
My overwhelming thanks and gratitude towards my heavenly Father in heaven is growing more and more each day.  What a wonderful God we serve!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Life is in Your Hands

One of my favorite songs in the whole world.  I never stop getting chills. 

My Life Is In Your Hands
By: God's Property/Kirk Franklin

You don't have to worry
and don't you be afraid,
joy comes in the morning,
troubles they don't last always;
for there's a friend named Jesus,
who will wipe your tears away,
and if your heart is broken,
just lift your hands and say'

Oh, I know that I can make it,
I know that I can stand;
no matter what may come my way,
my life is in Your hands.

With Jesus I can take it,
with Him I know I can stand;
no matter what may come my way,
my life is in Your hands.

So when your test and trials,
they seem to get you down,
and all your friends and loved ones
are nowhere to be found;
remember there's a friend named Jesus,
who will wipe your tears away,
and if your heart is broken,
just lift your hands and say

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up on Monday.  As a receptionist you are kindly reminded of the romantic holiday as bouquet's of flowers and edible arrangements come streaming in from lovers wanting to let their loved one's know they are loved and being thought of.  These bouquets are beautiful.  The one I handed out today was a massive rose arrangement standing a couple feet in the air.  You would've guessed someone just took out the rose bush and put it in a pot it's so huge! And very pretty I might add. 

Valentine's Day for me is not really relative.  Seeing as though I've never dated or had a "Lovah", those cute little valentine's and floral bouquets aren't really a part of Valentine's Day in my world. I remember when I was a kid in middle school and we had decorated lunch like paper bags with hearts and swirls of color from markers.  Each year all of the kids would bring in little valentines usually with candy attached and drop them into their classmate's bags.  That was such a fun time, and a great time of year to ease the sweet tooth.

Each year I wonder, if I will get to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? I'm not sad or anything, but just curious.  I do know, that someday I will get to.  There will be a special someone out there who will give me a valentine, take me out on a date, or send me flowers.  For now, I kindly remember that I have someone out there, and he is alive and living somewhere out there in the world.  I settle upon the amazing feeling that I also have someone who already loves me, my God.  I am learning to be completely happy with that.  Actually, I am completely happy with that.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Day

Well, it's ultimately going very well. I am enjoying it so far.  Yesterday, I stayed up till 11:00 to be sure I had lunch already prepared for tomorrow.  I made some fabulous chicken I might add.  I cooked the chicken, added some cut garlic cloves, slices of onion, and sprinkled some craisen's for a sweet taste and a dash of Cayenne pepper.  Don't forget the extra virgin olive oil! :) I have to say the craisen's made a very nice touch.  It was rather delicious. 

For breakfast I had an Omega 3 egg with sprinkles of Celtic sea salt.  For snacks I brought a grapefruit and some carrots.  They were the whole carrots so it was kind of fun eating them.  I felt like Bugs Bunny!! :) "Ah, what's up dock?"

Needless to say, with the food I bought and have now eaten, I am still hungry.  It almost feels like a fast to me, especially considering I am drinking so much water as well.  I'm liking the  fact of making home cook meals too.  It makes me feel like a woman being able to cook.  I've been eating pretty much fast food lately and forgot how much fun it was to be able to prepare the food instead of just inhale the food.  Hmmm, makes me wonder, what am I making for dinner tonight??? :)

One thing I remembered the most about this book, "Don't focus on the foods you can't eat, but focus on the foods you can eat." That is a good reminder for me and has been really sticking with me.  It's so easy to think about all the foods I am giving up and won't be able to eat anymore, foods that I love.  It makes me depressed and a little sad.  But in focusing on all the new foods I can eat, makes it all the more exciting!  I get to crack open my dash of creative side on my cooking and explore new things.  I've been saying I wanted adventure for some time and now, I finally have one. It's much more gratifying. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Have Decided

After much prayerful consideration and preparation, doused with a couple loads of research, tomorrow is going to be day one of my 40 day health journey with The Maker's Diet.  40 days you may be wondering? Well that is what the book suggests.  There are 3 different phases in the 40 day trial, Phase 1 is extreme, to cleanse your body of the toxins and get it prepared for the new foods you are going to start using.  Phase 2 adds a little more of the carbs in there and gives a little more taste for Phase 3.  Phase 3 is the phase which people who want to continue this lifestyle change stay on.  It gives you plenty of variety of new and exciting foods to try.  I obviously plan to stay on this lifestyle change past the 40 days.  But I can freely commit to the 40 day commitment. :) 

I went grocery shopping at Valley Natural Foods today for the first time.  This particular grocery store only houses organic foods.  Every isle looked foreign to me.  I'm passing each isle going, where's the Doritos? Where's the Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup? Where is Roundy's Skim Milk? No brand name in that entire store have I ever heard of before.   The prices are going to be another thing to behold.  With Organic comes pricier items.  It seemed things that were once $0.99 at Target are now $4.99 at this store.  Can I say add more money to my grocery budget??? Needless to say, It's going to be an interesting adventure for me, one that I am excited for.  I think I got a good start for next week.  

I basically haven't been grocery shopping for a while and trying to clear out anything in my cupboard that would not be Maker's Diet appropriate.  With that I also have to start a new and create a pantry again with the new good items.  I have no spices are anything like that so It will take a while.  

I'm nervous and excited at the same time for tomorrow and the next week, and the next 40 days.  I really believe God wants me to do this.  After all, these foods mentioned in this book are all based on what He commanded in the bible for us to eat.   I do hope you can join with me in prayer as I take on this next step in my life.  Thank you for everything.  I'll keep you posted on how everything goes.  

Take care and May God Bless you in the meantime! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Note To My Mercy Sisters

I've been thinking about you all lately.  Everyone one of you, about how much I miss you and the good times we've shared.  But mainly I wonder how you are all doing.  It's been 2 years now since Mercy.  It's hard to believe that it's already been that long.  Nevertheless, I find myself chugging on through daily life and almost forgetting about Mercy.  By this time, we've accustomed to our new lives outside of Mercy.  By this time we may be faced with new problems and scenarios that we've never encountered before.  And for some, including me, we may find ourselves fighting the same battle we fought before Mercy.  Battles we thought would be gone.   Coming from what I've gone through since Mercy, I find it easy to give up but yet even harder to let go of the complete freedom I once had at Mercy.  I writing you today because I love you and you all hold a very special place in my heart.  Times are tough, and I just want to tell you to hold on.  Maybe my voice doesn't matter, maybe it does.  But which ever the case, I hope and pray many many blessings of freedom for you.  I pray you all hold on for dear life, because you are worth it.  You are worth it to me, you are worth it to Him. 

Fast Forward 3 Years!

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