Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up on Monday.  As a receptionist you are kindly reminded of the romantic holiday as bouquet's of flowers and edible arrangements come streaming in from lovers wanting to let their loved one's know they are loved and being thought of.  These bouquets are beautiful.  The one I handed out today was a massive rose arrangement standing a couple feet in the air.  You would've guessed someone just took out the rose bush and put it in a pot it's so huge! And very pretty I might add. 

Valentine's Day for me is not really relative.  Seeing as though I've never dated or had a "Lovah", those cute little valentine's and floral bouquets aren't really a part of Valentine's Day in my world. I remember when I was a kid in middle school and we had decorated lunch like paper bags with hearts and swirls of color from markers.  Each year all of the kids would bring in little valentines usually with candy attached and drop them into their classmate's bags.  That was such a fun time, and a great time of year to ease the sweet tooth.

Each year I wonder, if I will get to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? I'm not sad or anything, but just curious.  I do know, that someday I will get to.  There will be a special someone out there who will give me a valentine, take me out on a date, or send me flowers.  For now, I kindly remember that I have someone out there, and he is alive and living somewhere out there in the world.  I settle upon the amazing feeling that I also have someone who already loves me, my God.  I am learning to be completely happy with that.  Actually, I am completely happy with that.

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