Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Back

I was checking my blog today and noticing that I haven't updated it in a while.  In seeing that I wanted to create a new post, I decided to tell you what has been on my mind lately.  God.  With all that's been going on in my life, freedom, addictions being broken, negative and fearful thoughts being detained, and the daily occurrences of realizations of just how thankful I am for my God, how he's changed me.  

I am remembering all the years of praying and crying out to God, hoping that somehow he could rescue me from my addictions, for Him to draw me closer and closer by His side.  I am so relieved knowing that day has come.  I am more than relieved, I am still in shock that my God has yet, once again, saved me.  I see others around me and just want to tell them, "Freedom is possible!! God can free you! You don't have to settle!" But if I went around telling random people that, they might not take it well! haha!

Someone, once told me that God has only called us to be a witness for Him, a visual witness.  One who has either seen, felt, heard, or physically experienced who God is and/or what He has done.  I'm so glad I am not called to be a defense attorney, or the prosecutor, and especially not a judge.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I was put here by the Lord Almighty Himself, to let you know, "I once was blind, but now I see."  Only, I would say it like this, "I once was addicted, but now I'm free!" Jesus has set me free!

I am overwhelmed by all He has done and how He's changed me.  I almost wasn't sure this day would come, but God must have seen a little faith there.  I love Him, so very much.  I can not wait to get to heaven and give Him the biggest hug I could possibly muster! Oh! what a day that will be!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

40 Days? Done!

I am excited to post, my 40 days on The Maker's Diet is officially complete!! What an exciting journey it has been and will continue to be! I love this health journey.  I thought it was great.  My initial reaction upon research on this particular subject that the food was going to be bland, I'm going to have to eat gross natural soy stuff, and all that.  Man! Was I wrong! The food is great, I love it! Seasoning is still okay on this diet.  I can spice up my food as much as I want. And soy, not good for you.  Cha Ching! :)

This journey has taught me to think ahead and learn how to cook! It's taught me determination, and it gave me back my life.  I feel healthier, I lost 15 pounds, and I have no desire for my old foods.  But I would be lying if I said it was all the diet that got my life back.  It wasn't.  It was only God.  After 23 years of striving to get healthier, striving to break this food addiction, trying to control the situation, and ALWAYS failing.  I gave up.  I am now finally at the point in my life where I can let God take control of my food addiction.  It's been a long hard journey for me. One that has brought many tears, many doubts, and many hopeless nights worrying if I am just going to have to live like this and fight it all the rest of my days.  But through all those, God has restored my faith.  I believe that this is it, I believe that God has freed me, I believe that I won't ever be who I was anymore. 

God is just so utterly amazing, it's hard not to praise Him, and thank Him profusely for what He has done.  My joy is uncontrollable. Not to mention, He finally has broke me of my pride.  Many of you may be wondering, "What about Mercy Ministries? Didn't you go there and get freedom?" I did.  I very well did.  Without Mercy I wouldn't be where I am today.  Mercy taught me who God is, Mercy gave me the foundation to overcome.  A firm foundation built on solid rock.  One that will never sway, never break, and will not be moved.  JESUS. 

I admit, I was struggling with this food addiction even after Mercy.  I just loved it so much, I loved food, I loved that it was always there, I loved that I could eat and forget everything that is going on in this world.  I wasn't ready to give up my first love.  God came and intervened.  He may have been my second love, but He's definitely a permanent first on my list. 

I am now eating to live, and not living to eat!! AMEN!! Thank you my precious Father! and to The Maker's Diet, I commend you.  You really are a good lifestyle.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Endless Possibilities

As some of you may know, I decided to take a different step in my life recently.  I'm am very excited and yet a little apprehensive about this new journey.  As of March 1st, I am now officially a Mary Kay consultant.  Before you go thinking I am writing this post to lure you into purchasing, I'm not.  (although that wouldn't hurt) I am simply writing my experiences so far and the thoughts I have in my mind. 

Prior to becoming a consultant, I was a little nervous considering the start up cost.  I was also a little skeptical considering I know so many consultants already and I kept wondering, "What are people going to think when if I were to become a consultant?" Slightly embarrassing to admit but the truth be told, it was what consumed my mind.  But as I attended more and more meetings regarding the subject and thought hard and diligently on the subject, I couldn't help but think this was a right fit for me.  I went to Super Saturday this past weekend and they talked about this yearly award ceremony where everyone dresses up in these fancy gowns and get awarded for their hard work.  I LOVE to dress up in fancy gowns.  They talk about the trips you can take if you get far enough up the ladder.  I LOVE taking trips and flying! And the more and more I kept thinking about even more things started making sense.  I love makeup, I have a natural ability to apply makeup.  I love all of Mary Kay's products, I love the fact that it is a sociable job - meaning I can talk to hundreds of people and meet new friends and opportunities.  They even mentioned that all too infamous Mary Kay car you can be awarded with.  Let us not forget the money side of things.  Right now my budget is stretched to the max.  It doesn't allow for emergencies or bumps along the road.  I hardly allow my self any spending money to spend on me.  Not to mention, I someday have a dream of renting/owning my own apartment where I can live by my self for the rest of my singlehood.  I love where I am living but this is a down-the-road dream that I would love to be able to achieve.  But the most important thing to me, is my family.  Although I don't have a family yet, I know that someday I will have a husband, with kids, and my dream has always been to be a mother.  If I can get enough ahead in this business, I can stay home with my future little ones.  And that my friends, will be the best reward and blessing this business could ever give me. 

So, I did it, after much prayerful consideration I might add.  Now comes the hard part, getting clients.  Now this is what I am NOT best at, asking people to buy my products.  The second I mentioned Mary Kay I could literally almost hear the thoughts in people's minds, "Oh no, not another one."  Getting past this is hard and I hate to be a bother but somehow I know I will make it through this.  I've been praying for God's will in this and at this point in my life, I finally trust Him enough that I believe Him.  He keeps encouraging me in the little things which make me feel so at ease. 

My goal is this, to not give up.  I am not going to start Mary Kay and give up a year later, I plan on making this a business for me.  Who knows maybe I'll become a Director one day?

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