Friday, August 19, 2011

"I miss you!"

Simple words everyone longs to hear, "I miss you!" They come from dear friends you haven't seen in a while, from family members on the other side of the world to simple acquaintences from high school and beyond.  Yet, lately I find I am hearing those words from a completely different source...

  "I miss you Kelley, so very much.  Spend more time with me!" - God.

Somehow those words mean even more coming from someone like God.  You know He means it.  Those 3 simple words combined make your crazy world halt for just a moment, reflect, and realize just how flattered and happy you are becuase God took the time out from saving the world and everyone in it to personally tell you, to make you feel special, loved, and appreciated. 

I find I am completely smittened with Him.  God's been showing me moments when we used to spend more time together.  I can almost see home video's flashing through my mind.  The way things used to be and just how completely enthralled I was during those times.  I miss Him too!

I'm sold. Those times I give to the Lord, and solely to Him, are so precious to me. It's during those moments when the world doesn't seem so hard anymore, where faith is restored, where hope is refilled, and everything seems right again, everything seems possible.  I have another date planned tonight before I go to bed, I'm counting down the hours.  It's a beautiful thing having someone love you. 

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