Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does She Know?

I look at the world, and the people in it and see pain.  One of the things that I can not bare to see is a woman struggling within herself to strive for the never ending painful race to be beautiful, to be skinny.  As one who has been down that road, and can still travel down it at times, I seem to be even more aware of those who have the same tendencies. 

Someone walked by me today and was talking with her friend.  She was shaking an Ice Mountain water bottle to mix the contents she had just put in it.  While doing this, her friend asked, "What's that?" She responded by saying confidently, "It's a protein drink, I'm on this diet" Albeit, I only heard part of the conversation but immediately my heart broke for her.  I looked at her and noticed how skinny she was, thankfully she didn't look anorexic or anything but she was definitely skinny. 

My mind races to all those countless women who will starve for months because they see themselves as fat.  Who forceably shove their finger down their throat to throw up any food they have just indulged in, all because they feel even that one bite of hamburger will be noticed to everyone.  Who cut themselves because they need an escape from the world, from the pain.  Who binge each night stuffing their mouth full of food because the world has considered them as ugly, as an outcast for being overweight.  I keep thinking, Does she know? Doesn't see see that she is already beautiful? Stop torturing yourselves! Stop killing yourselves! If I could, I would give the biggest hug in the world right now, just to show you how much I care about you.  You are worth way more than how you are treating youselves.  The world may see you as ugly, or fat, but I look at you and see sheer perfection, someone so gorgeous it radiates from within her. 

I am hear to tell you, you are not alone, you are loved, you are cherished beyond meausre! No matter what the world may say, no matter what your boyfriend says, no matter what your parents think, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Please, I beg of you, take care of yourselves.  You are irreplaceable. 

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