Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Experiences

Familiar.  Content. No change.  The life we've known, the situations we've encountered and come to expect, the circumstances we've figured out how to deal with.  But what if something "new" comes along?  What happens then? When life throws us for a loop?

For me, the answer is clear.  The barriers go up with out delay.  This instantaneous subconscious action creates a wall to protect me from any further hurt or pain that this new change might cause me.  It's rather amazing how the human nature has it's own way of dealing with things. How it's natural instinct is to protect, to set up boundaries, to save the mind from any further emotional pain.  True, this plan may work in some occasions, it allows to us to stay sane in certain instances when hurt does come our way, but what if it wants to protect us from good things? What do we do then? The mind is a battlefield.  My brain immediately races to figure things out, to inspect the situation and see if it's worth it, to see if it's okay to proceed with caution, or to retreat and run away. 

My only answer I've come up with, Live a little.  Take risks once in a while.  Try new things.  Get hurt, after all we've been hurt before and we can handle it again.  Albeit only with God's help can we truly conquer our pain and experience true forgiveness.  My God is mighty to save and He happens to love me more than the universe, I know without a doubt that He will protect me when the time is right and He'll get me through any pain I may or may not experience.  What would the world be like with out God? Meaningless, pointless, bare, without color or beauty, dead. I think the only barrier I need to take with me is the Shield of Faith.

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