Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas, the wonderful day in the year where we get to spend time with family and friends celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, our risen savior. This year, Christmas has been nothing but enlightening.  Due to rising costs of living and shortages of income on all sides, our family decided to not get gifts for one another this year.  We were however allowed to get gifts for the little ones, after all they should get some gifts! The pressure to get gifts for family members can be an overwhelming task.  I have to admit that not having to worry about it has created a stress free holiday season for me.  It really has reminded me that Christmas is about  Jesus, and family time not about gifts.

I was at Target to get some necessities when the lady before me was complaining about all the gifts she had to get, her bill was growing more and more with each item the cashier was scanning. I think by the end she had spent well over $150.  It really pointed out to me that Christmas has really gotten to be only about giving and receiving presents.  Not only is it about presents but people don't even really enjoy giving the gifts.  Isn't that what gifts are about? A gift to me resembles that you feel for that person and want to give them something to show your affection towards them.  When did it become so routine?

As I was watching TV with my uncle, we saw a commercial come on for some company trying to get people to buy from their store.  During this commercial there was a line that stuck out to me.  "Christmas time is about gifts and food" After it registering in my head that that didn't seem right, I took a few seconds to reel over what the commercial just told me about the meaning of Christmas.  Wait? What! I realize that is just a commercial with the company trying to reel in new customers but that seemed a little low.

Is it true? Have we as Americans gotten so routine that Christmas is only about finding gifts, getting great gifts in return and eating lots of food? Is it really only about spending money on gifts for people you don't want to give gifts to, spend money on, nor really care about? What happened to spending time with family, decorating gingerbread houses with the kids, playing skip-bo even though you haven't played it since you were 10, singing Christmas Carols with your relatives even though the person next to you sings off key, laughter, hugs, friendship, family, and we can't forget the main attraction! Christmas isn't even all about getting together with family but it's a chance to celebrate an amazing birth that happened more than 2,000 years ago.  This birth is so spectacular that it was made into a holiday to celebrate it.  This birth means that we as sinners have HOPE to live eternally with Jesus in Heaven.  That we won't be condemned to death and hell.  That we shall Live, and not only live but live freely! It's the best gift anyone can receive.

Don't forget who you are, and what Christmas is about.  Christmas is not meant to make your bank account go negative for a month, but to celebrate! Enjoy this Christmas Day! Enjoy your family members, your friends, and all the little ones running around.  Gifts aren't everything, I challenge you to make this holiday season count!


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