Monday, January 30, 2012

No Excuse

As a Christian, the bible says that we are "Without excuse."  I find that saying is haunting me lately.  There are so many things we make excuses for, so many things we make up false thoughts in our head so that we can still do the things we love, the things we replace God for, so we can be "Happy."

A long time ago, my mother and I were having a heart to heart conversation about our weight problems.  As we were unloading on each other and helping each other up, she had something to me that still haunts me to this day.  I don't remember how exactly she said it but it goes something like this, "A Christian who is an emotional eater shows non Christians that you are hypocritical," Christians proclaim freedom in Christ, yet I walk around everyday with an encompassing sign that says, "I am addicted to food.." that is proven by how I look.  She's right, she's very right.  I can't seem to shake it but who am I to tell people you need to put Jesus first in your life, when I myself so obviously put Him second? Who am I to tell someone to find your comfort in God, when I myself so obviously find comfort in food?

A couple years ago, I know that I was promised by God my freedom in this area.  Freedom hasn't come yet, but it isn't because God hasn't come through with His promise, it's because I won't let Him.  I am prohibiting my freedom somehow and I am determined to let go, and let God. Whether it's fear of the unknown, or my past failures who never fail to let me know that I have failed and will do it again, whether it's because I have a lack of faith, or trust, or whatever the reason is.  I am actively leading a hypocritical lifestyle

I am bought with a price, Jesus paid it all so I could have freedom.  I wasn't meant to be in bondage, and I wasn't meant to live a life of addiction.  God has something BIG planned for me, I am meant to be witness, to spread the word of Christ and to ultimately bring honor and praise to my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. This is it, This is now.  I take a stand and say, "I am a child of God, no weapon formed against me shall prosper!"

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