Saturday, April 21, 2012

In This Life, You Will Have...

Define Love. states that love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, or to have a strong liking for, take great pleasure in another person.  It's in my experience that I think has only a fraction of the true meaning of love.  Based on my experience, Love is verb.  Love requires compassion when you have none, mercy when no one deserves it, forgiveness when it hurts the most, patience when that person just keeps messing up, time and time again.  Love is seeing the good in a person, when on the outside all you see is the bad.

Do you want to know how I know this? Because God himself has shown this "love" in more abundance than I can ever imagine.  Do you want to know another reason how I know this? I am the other person.  One thing I've come to realize, God knows the true me, the me that no one else sees.  No one is perfect, especially me.  I have made bad decisions, too many to count.  I have had those days where I consciously choose choices that are deliberately wrong.  The thoughts in my head sometimes, should send me to hell alone.  Yet, God sees ALL of that and STILL He loves me.  He has seen every wrong thing I have ever done or thought about doing in my entire life, whether past or future, and still sees the good in me.

There are times in my life where my failings can seem to outweigh the successes.  It is in those moments where I need to remember, Love is not fickle.  It is not a feeling that can just go away.  It is a live and passionate emotion that can overcome all obstacles, it conquers all fear.  I am humbled to know that there is nothing I can ever do to deserve the love God gives me.   If it were up to me, I would have thrown myself into the dungeon a long time ago.  You see, it is in this love that we have hope.  When we keep messing up, time and time again, we can be assured that God is looking on us with love, not scorn.  He see's the bigger picture, we only see the sin.

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