Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What makes a person resilient to change?

Good question.  I was attending a meeting at work today, a Town Hall to be exact.  One of the questions we were asked, "What makes you resilient to change?" My response was because it's an adventure for me.  I look forward to change because it's something new and exciting.  As my answer was said, and my turn had passed, I started to think even further.  What does make me resilient to change? I came up with attitude.  I firmly believe this is the #1 factor to why life is not a downer for me, why change is not scary for me.  When a person's attitude is in the right mind set, the world suddenly becomes less intimidating. 

I think people need to realize their abilities to conquer anything that life handles their way.  God made us with such wisdom and perfection, our bodies have a natural ability to conform to change.  Just like when a person exercises, at first it's tiring and painful.  After a couple days or more your muscles start realize that this is the new norm and creates more mass to handle the new work load.  Our attitude can make or break how your day goes.  if you wake up in the morning and think, "This day is going to suck!" Well, I hate to break it to you, but that's exactly how it's going to turn out. 

I think having the right attitude has helped me with so much in my life, it helps me to see the positive.  The negatives are just depressing and make you depressed.  Why worry? One thing I've learned, everything always works out, whether it's a couple hours later, tomorrow, next week or so on. A lot of time we can't see past today but today is not the last day of your life.  There is always tomorrow unless the Good Lord takes you home.  The problems I faced during my high school years were just that, problems I face during my high school years.  It's 7 years later and I hardly remember them, but yet it seemed the world was going to end when a problem did arise.   So far, I haven't seen the world blow up yet.  :)  Thankfully!

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