Thursday, October 18, 2012

Public Praise

I just feel overwhelmed by how great God is.

How is it that a God who has all the power in the world would give up his only son, Jesus Christ to become human, die on a cross for the sake of sinners.  Not just anyone, everyone.  For people who are good, bad, normal, odd, who are repentant of their wrong doings, and some who could care less.

Why is it that God loves us so much? We have no good in us.  We are naturally born to sin.  Every single person has done something wrong, and will more than likely do something wrong again on numerous occasions.  We are very dramatic, selfish, hateful, and yet somehow the God of ALL creation loves us so much to save us... daily.

How can it be that he owns the whole universe and everything in it, but wants to spend time with just you, and me.  He's running everything that happens from stars being made, to the wind that blows, to the oceans that rage, to the birds that fly, to the seasons that change.  Of all things he upholds with his right hand, He makes sure He is available to me 24/7.

How amazing God is.  He's so powerful, so loving, so merciful, so gracious, so kind, so just.  He's everything.  He's perfect.  He's my God.  He's my father.

He cares about me so much to help me with the smallest problems, and lead me through the biggest hurtles.  Everywhere I go, He is there.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

My God is a God who provides.  He always gives me what I need, and blesses me daily.  He cares about every detail in my life and makes sure He has the best for me in all situations.  He is so good that he can make something tragic turn into something good.

My God is a healer, a provider, a protector, a leader, miracle worker, a teacher.

I could go on and on and on.  I just want to say, God is good, all the time.

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