Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Am Blessed

Today has been a great day.  As I turn 26, I've been thinking a lot about my life and the years I have had.  I have seen so much in my short time I've lived.  So many proud moments, and some not so proud moments.  I've seen changes in the lives of those around me, and met friends that have made me feel so loved and welcomed.  I have a great and talented family who has always been there for me.  I've seen so many changes just in my family, it has been so fun to see how they've progressed into the individuals they are today.  I'm proud of them.

People have been asking me, "What's it like to be 26? Feel old yet?" Truth be told, No! I don't feel old! I feel older, for sure.  Especially seeing the kids I've spent my high school years babysitting all grown up and in high school themselves.  How strange to see someone whose diapers I used to change into someone who is now a tall, smart, grown up, teenager with phones and friends, thinking about the college they want to go to.

I've been blessed in my life.  There have been tears of joy and pain, enough laughter to make the energy plant in the movie, Monster's Inc, explode.  There have been days filled with sadness, depression, hope, happiness, and love.  I've gotten to travel to places most people dream of.  I've had the fresh taste of real spring mountain water from the Swiss Alps.  I've stood underneath the Eiffel Tower and peered above at this massive and glorious structure that stands so tall.  I've seen the Mona Lisa, crooked smile and all.  I've got to sing for weddings, funerals, concerts, and competitions.  I've played the flute until my mouth was about to fall off.  I've sang in the rain, and jumped in puddles.  I pulled all-nighters to only conk out in sheer exhaustion around 5:00AM.  I've gained friends and lost friends.  I've smiled so much, I think my face froze that way.

I am blessed.

My life has been a fulfilling life and I owe it all to my Savior.  I honestly don't know where I would be today if God hadn't helped me through.  How can "Thanks" ever be enough? What can I do to ever repay the kindness my Lord has shown me.  How comforting to know that He smiles with me, laughs with me, cries with me.  He was there my whole life, and walked with me through the streets of Paris, through the halls of The Louvre, through all nighters, the friendships, the trials, the pain, the joy.  I only wish everyone could know how awesome He is, how real He is.

I am 26 years old.  My life has been amazing, and it's only just begun.  Thank you Lord for every day I am given to serve You.

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