Thursday, March 27, 2014

Playing Mom

I can't believe it has been 6 months since my last post.  Life has been crazy busy and I feel horrible that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog.  I dearly miss it.  I hope everyone is well. 

My sister had back surgery about a week and a half ago.  She suffered from her two lower vertebrae in her spine closing together and pinching the nerves in between.  The doctors have done an amazing job in fixing it however the recovery is not as smooth.  Due to the nerves being pinched for so long, they are now trying to adapt to the new found space.  This causes inflammation, numbness and severe pain in her legs.  One she was not expecting.  I am here helping her take care of her kids for a week.  It's been fun to not think about work for a week and spend time with 3 little blondies whom I dearly love. 

Playing "Mom" for a week has been enjoyable for me.  It's fun to see what the a stay at home mom really does in a day.  Preparing 3 meals a day, doing the dishes, dressing the kids, changing diapers, taking my nephew to the bus stop, going to the community center for playtime, playing with Barbie's with my niece and Lego's with my nephew, going to the library for storybook time, picking up my nephew from the bus stop, doing homework, putting them down for naps, and yet finding time to eat my cold lunch which usually ends up being a sandwich that was chowed down during spare time. 

WOOFTA, that's all I got to say.  Stay-at-home Mom's have their work cut out for them.  I'm not even doing the laundry! All in all with Friday being my last day of taking care of them, this has been a fun week! I sincerely love being a stay at home "Mom" if I can even call my self that.  Every moment has been encouraging for me.  Sure, I have been tired and sometimes wondered how many times I've sat down to only get up 5 seconds later.   Sure, I 've had my fair share of crying, but I've also had my fair share of laughing.  Each moment with them is now a cherished memory.  Ones I would have missed out on had I not been here to take care of them. 

I've gone without make up, and my hair flat or in a pony tail feeling like I look like a dump, and my precious 3 year old niece cuffs her hands around my face and says, "Kelley, you are so pretty" I've never felt so beautiful.   One day we were playing play-doh.  We were building everything from toilets to houses, and even spaghetti.  My niece would show me a lump of dough and say, "Look Kelley! A pancake!"  While we were still playing with our play-doh, my 5 year old nephew laid his head on my shoulder and said, "Thanks Kelley for a fun day!"   It's these moments that make this week, wonderful.  It makes it all worth while.  To see the smile and sheer joy as my little 1 1/2 year old niece comes running to me for a hug.  I love those kids, to the moon and back. 

I've always known I wanted to be a mother, and I've always known that being a stay at home mom was the only "job" I have ever wanted.  Somehow this week has only confirmed that.  I can't wait for the day when I find my self staying home with my own family.   What a day that will be. 

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